The Tree House Man

Putting the wild animals you call kids into the trees where they belong!

About the Tree House Man


A message from Cord...

“I am the owner and builder. I am a Christian, Eagle Scout, and a Structural Engineer with a degree from the Colorado School of Mines (the Colorado Version of Rolla). I have worked for the Department of Defense and was certified with a “Secret” level government security clearance, I could tell you about it… but then I’d have to kill ya :-).  I started rock climbing at the age of 8 and started hanging zip-lines in trees at 13.  I am in my early thirties, have a wonderful wife (Dana), a son named Ren, and a girl named Eve. I have built a cabin in the Colorado woods and done complete renovations of a dozen houses as a handyman. There are very few things I cannot do well, and I am happy to provide references upon request. I generally work on one tree-house at a time and deeply enjoy the accomplishment of creating things.

Blessings and have a great day!”



What we offer:

  • All things tree-house, zip-line, play-set, and general backyard fun that you can imagine.

Your dream tree-house is only a call or email away.

  • Hardware and lumber supply, consulting services, construction and maintenance for all things tree-house related.
    • Tree-house Construction
      Many options exist for you to choose what will suit your project
      and level of involvement.

      • Supports
      • Beams
      • Decking
      • Railings
      • Roofs
      • Windows
      • Skylights
      • Stairs
      • Ladders
      • Swings
      • Slides
      • Zip-lines 
    • Hardware and Lumber Supply
      Advice and delivery available

      • Artificial limbs (heavy duty supports)
      • Beams and decking
      • Lag screws and stainless steel
    • Consulting
      Call or email with questions about your project

      • Phone support while you are designing and building
      • Choosing a location
      • Design: from sketches to scale models
      • Guiding you through the permitting process when it’s necessary
      • Create materials lists
      • Sourcing the best tree house fasteners and lumber
      • Inspections & maintenance
    • Tree-house Maintenance
      Keep your Tree-house looking great and help it to last

      • Pressure washer cleaning
      • Staining and sealing
      • Roofing
      • Pest removal
      • Support bolt upgrade 
      • Tree trimming
      • Modifications to adjust for tree growth